Will any of your products get me "High"?

No, although there is trace amounts of THC in our products there is so little your body metabolizes it before you can feel any effects from it.

Can I fail a drug test using your products?

Yes, our products do contain trace amounts of THC (0.3% or under) and even though its not enough to get you "high", it is enough to trigger a positive test result for THC

Do you ship discretely?

Yes, everything is shipped in a vaccum sealed smell proof bag. In a plain box.

Is CBD right for me?

We all have cannibinoid receptors in our brains that developed over thousands and thousands of years while we evolved with this plant. We feel that there is some benifiet for everyone and it won't hurt you to explore and find out what works for you.

How old do I have to be to order your products?

Even though no law stops us from selling to anyone under 18, we will only ship to adults over 18. sorry no sale to minors.

Do you accept returns?

All sales are final unless we are responsible for the error. That being the case we also take care of shipping and refund or correct the order.

Where do you farm hemp?

We Grow and Process in southwest Wisconsin.

Pahana Enterprises LLC
La Crosse, Wi 54601
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